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December 2015


Military-to-civilian translation of battlefield innovations in operative trauma care.

Haider AH, Piper LC, Zogg CK, Schneider EB, Orman JA, Butler FK, Gerhardt RT, Haut ER, Mather JP, MacKenzie EJ, Schwartz DA, Geyer DW, DuBose JJ, Rasmussen TE, Blackbourne LH.

Surgery. 2015 Dec;158(6):1686-95.

Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Emergency Service Triage Patterns and the Associated Emergency Department Outcomes.

Selvarajah S, Haider AH, Schneider EB, Sadowsky CL, Becker D, Hammond ER.

J Neurotrauma. 2015 Dec 15;32(24):2008-16.


Analgesic Access for Acute Abdominal Pain in the Emergency Department Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Patients: A Nationwide Examination.

Shah AA, Zogg CK, Zafar SN, Schneider EB, Cooper LA, Chapital AB, Peterson SM, Havens JM, Thorpe RJ Jr, Roter DL, Castillo RC, Salim A, Haider AH.

Med Care. 2015 Dec;53(12):1000-9


United States trends in thrombolysis for older adults with acute ischemic stroke.

George BP, Asemota AO, Dorsey ER, Haider AH, Smart BJ, Urrutia VC, Schneider EB.

Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2015 Dec;139:16-23.


MicroRNA Expression and Association with Clinicopathologic Features in Papillary Thyroid Cancer: A Systematic Review.

Aragon Han P, Weng CH, Khawaja HT, Nagarajan N, Schneider EB, Umbricht CB, Witwer KW, Zeiger MA.

Thyroid. 2015 Dec;25(12):1322-9.


Morbidity or mortality? Variations in trauma centres in the rescue of older injured patients.

Zafar SN, Shah AA, Zogg CK, Hashmi ZG, Greene WR, Haut ER, Cornwell EE 3rd, Haider AH.

Injury. 2015 Dec 17. 


Vascular access modifies the protective effect of obesity on survival in hemodialysis patients.

Arhuidese IJ, Obeid T, Hicks C, Qazi U, Botchey I, Zarkowsky DS, Reifsnyder T, Malas MB.

Surgery. 2015 Dec;158(6):1628-34.

Proxy measures of vitamin D status – season and latitude – correlate with adverse outcomes after bariatric surgery in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample, 2001–2010: a retrospective cohort study.

Peterson LA, Canner JK, Cheskin LJ, Prokopowicz GP, Schweitzer MA, Magnuson TH, Steele KE

Obesity Science & Practice. 2015 Dec; 1(2): 88–96.

Below-knee endovascular interventions have better outcomes compared to open bypass for patients with critical limb ischemia.

Hicks CW, Najafian A, Farber A, Menard MT, Malas MB, Black JH 3rd, Abularrage CJ.

Vasc Med. 2016 Dec 6. pii: 1358863X16676901. [Epub ahead of print]


A Faculty-Student Mentoring Program to Enhance Collaboration in Public Health Research in Surgery.

Smart BJ, Haring RS, Zogg CK, Diener-West M, Schneider EB, Haider AH, Haut ER.

JAMA Surg. 2016 Dec 14.[Epub ahead of print]


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