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Resources for Mentees, Mentors, and Researchers

Mentoring in Surgery 

JSCOR has compiled a list of resources and papers that we believe will help mentees and mentors benefit more from their relationship. Understanding the dynamics and factors at play is key to a successful and productive relationship.  

  1. Mentorship Program Pairs Public Health and Surgery to Improve Practice and Outcomes (2018)

  2. Faculty-Student Mentoring Program to Enhance Collaboration in Public Health Research in Surgery (2017)

  3. Men's Fear of Mentoring in the #MeToo Era - What's at Stake for Academic Medicine? (2018)

  4. Nature's Guide for Mentors (2007)

  5. Mentee Missteps (2017)

  6. Mentoring Millennials (2018)

  7. Mentorship Malpractice (2016)

  8. Mentoring Young Academic Surgeons (1999)

  9. Short Guide for Mentees and Mentors (2017)

  10. Coaching and Mentoring Modern Surgeons (2014)

  11. Characteristics of Successful and Failed Mentoring Relationships: A Qualitative Study Across Two Academic Health Centers (2014)


How To Do Outcomes Research

Below are linked resources that have investigated successful ways do to outcomes research. Of note, this is not a complete list of resources but is a nice place to get started. More resources can be found in the linked articles. 

  1. Outcomes 101: A brief guide for conducting an outcomes research project as a surgeon-scientist in training

  2. A Checklist to Elevate the Science of Surgical Database Research

  3. Guide to Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER)

  4. Guide to National Inpatient Sample (NIS)

  5. Guide to National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB)

  6. Guide to National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) & Pediatric NSQIP

  7. Guide to Medicare Claims 

  8. Guide to National Cancer Database (NCBD)

  9. Adherence to Methodological Standards in Research Using the National Inpatient Sample

  10. A review for clinical outcomes research: hypothesis generation, data strategy, and hypothesis-driven statistical analysis

  11. Data Resource Profile: State Inpatient Database

  12. Influence of the National Trauma Data Bank on the Study of Trauma Outcomes: Is it Time to Set Research Best Practices to Further Enhance Its Impact?


How To Write a Paper

Below are linked resources that we have found to be helpful in the writing process for both students and people in all stages of their academic career. 

  1. Use of visual abstracts in communicating results

  2. Scientific sinkhole: The pernicious price of formatting

  3. A Surgery Trainee's Guide to Writing a Manuscript

  4. Organising a manuscript reporting quality improvement or patient safety research.

  5. How to select your confounding variables


Guide to Statistics and Medicine

JAMA released a series about statistics and medicine on January 29th, 2020. It is meant to help clinicians and researchers of all levels on a variety of topics. All of the articles can be found on the link below:

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