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JSCOR fellow presents at AAST

JSCOR post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Hatim AlSulaim, is in Las Vegas this week attending the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) Annual Meeting. Yesterday, he presented his poster entitled "Conscious status is associated with the likelihood of trauma center care and mortality in patients with moderate to severe TBI."

This poster is based on Hatim's capstone project when he was part of the JSCOR Surgical Faculty-Student Mentorship Program. He and his colleagues discovered that the standard method for converting ICD-9 codes to AIS scores did not account for conscious status in TBI patients and that accounting for conscious status significantly improves mortality prediction and trauma center care compared to using AIS scores alone.

Hatim is shown in the photo with his mentor, Dr. Eric Schneider, former JSCOR Co-Director who is now at the Harvard Center for Surgery in Public Health.

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